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Ramadan is just around the corner, once again!

Like every holiday, Ramadan can get a little overwhelming at times: from pacing back and forth trying to put together a simple menu for sahur, or trying to make it to a gathering with loved ones at a hip downtown spot before the maghrib call to prayer, hoping to arrive in time.

Why not simply travel through a different world of color?

This is your time to shine, and Nippon Paint has the newest way to lift your aura for this festive and holy month of fasting celebrated by Muslims around the world, including in Indonesia.

Dive into Tren Warna Ramadan (TWR), part of the #RamadanLebihBerwarna (Ramadan more colorful) campaign. Created by Nippon Paint in collaboration with Keneth Sandy Studio to upgrade your home for Idul Fitri, the Ramadan color trend series is bursting with colors specially curated for this season!

As interior designer and architect Keneth Sandy puts it, color evokes the truth of your emotions and reflects your soul through the language of colors.

Feast your eyes on Nippon Paint’s 11 colors for Ramadan 2023, and your home can magically teleport you across three themes that resonate with your mood: Warm, Monochrome and Tropical.

If you feel in the mood to connect with nature, look no further than Green Gauze (NP BGG 1619T).

Have a sweet tooth for caramel hues with Warm Toast (NP YO 1173P) for earthy tones that wrap you in a caring embrace, like mother nature.

If you need a pick-me-up in the morning to get moving or want to feel refreshed after a long and tiring day, Brilliant White (1001) promises to lend a spatial tone that will pull double duty.

Keneth’s collaboration with Nippon Paint allowed him to fulfill his clients’ desire to have colorful, elegant homes, demonstrating how different paint products and colors speak to the needs and functions of different areas in a house: Nippon Weatherbond Solareflect keeps exterior walls looking brand-new and the interior cool; Nippon Satin Glo creates a glowing atmosphere for the living room; while Nippon Spot-less Plus brings dazzling colors that draw out the creativity in your young ones.

Just as the experience was magical for Keneth, so will it be for you, bringing your own unique magic to light. Let Nippon Paint amaze you, and make #RamadanLebihBerwarna!

Check out this video for the featured colors in Tren Warna Ramadan, and for some inspiration.

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